Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Reason for Everything

A recent statement has been plaguing me: "I believe everything happens for a reason."
Yes or no?

Yes, I do believe everything happens for a reason, but I happen to think some of the reasons are pretty horrible. And some are just cosmic. That one of the factors of human nature often is to find a silver lining or fix the problem as best as can be done in no way mitigates the fact (to me) that life has pretty awful parts to go along with some really wonderful parts. And I don't believe that my faith will protect me or set an umbrella over me and the ones I love. But I don't see any reason to be fearful, either.

There's nothing good going on when a man beats a two-year-old to death because the man is angry with the child's mother. This'll show HER. Oops.

There's a reason when 500 Kurds are massecured in a town far from the American military control. A couple, really. Power and hate.

Greece has had more than 50 persons die in forest fires this week apparently set by greedy entrepreneurs who hope the destruction of forests will clear land for future economic development. The reason is greed.

The tsunami a couple years back had reasons sunk in physics. Lotta people died. Much destruction.

The six miners trapped in the collapsed mine in Utah. Much research will go into the safety of this facility. For now, I'm willing to call it an act of nature.

What I see is that evil, greed, power hunger complicates lives. Many folks with these traits go on to live they find to be happy and satisfying. Funny, though, that they often eventually make that misstep that brings them down. Or they do something really stupid. (An awful lot of people in prison may be bad, but they are also criminally stupid, and that gets them caught.)

Of course there's a reason for a positive belief system. For faith. They add quality of life. Simplify things. And at times, when I am squeezed down in a situation, are the backbone that lets me step out unafraid when I kinda think some dragons may be lurking. And if you look for good things, you will find them, actually more than you are looking for. I suspect it is the same if you look for the bad things. Now there's a miserable lifestyle, and some people do choose it.

But no matter how positive we strive to be, bad stuff goes on, often done on purpose by our fellow man. We note it. We process it. We do what we can. And we go on.

There's reason for everything that happens. But some of the reasons are just sad.


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