Thursday, August 16, 2007

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream...

As I was preparing for bed the other evening, it occurred to me that my way of getting to sleep may be different. Not aberrant, just different. So I was wondering how the rest of you do it.

I never fall asleep with the book on my chest. Or while watching tv. And very seldom even listening to the most soporific music. Nope, I have to decide. I know there have been times when I was so exhausted I just drifted off, but even those are seldom. Yes dears, I do remember satisfying sex and it may have done the job, too, but that was long ago and far away and I just plain don't remember.

Since I've been nine or 10 years old, I have to be on my stomach, and I have to have a recent or favorite book in mind. Then I start weaving the next after the end chapter, and pretty soon I'm asleep. Usually, by that time, in my own dream. Anyone else out there do that? It's not anything I talk about, just one of my personal habits. But the other night it just struck me--I bet other people do it different.

My oldezt son doesn't get enough sleep anyway, and I suspect he's the hit the pillow and sleep type. His wife likes to go to sleep listening to an audio book. My grandchildren are usually asleep five minues after turning off the light and hitting the pillow. My younger son does toss and turn. Haven't really discussed this with others. Certainly haven't taken any surveys.

Sleeping soundly is another issure. I have nights when I sleep all night, others when I wake up, toss, turn, and go back to sleep all night. There's a huge difference in the amount of rest I experience. As lazy as I am in retirement, a good night's sleep is more elusive than it used to be. Still frequent, thankfully.

For those of you that hit the bed and drop off, you are blessed, and I suspect a whole lot of you are. But for the rest--anyone want to share their sleep rituals? Insomnia is a whole bigger problem. I've certainly experienced it, but for the most part, I wash my face, brush my teeth, pat my pillows into a comfortable pile, turn out the light and start imagining, which soon turns into dreaming. Works for me.


Sevesteen said...

Most of my sleep rituals are related to light and temperature. I usually can't go to sleep immediately--I have to sit in bed for a few minutes with lighter covers than I'll sleep with while my temperature adjusts. I'll read or play solitaire on my PDA. I've got a 7 watt lightbulb abive the bed--It's enough to read by, but not so bright it keeps me from relaxing.

Once I'm ready for sleep, I'll spoon with my wife for a few minutes, then go back to my side of the bed and sleep on my back.

Babs RN said...

I just close the laptop, turn off the TV, roll over onto my side and prop my pillows till I'm comfy and snooze.

DW said...

The Love of my Lifwe hates me when I put my head down and about three breaths later I'm snoring enough to keep her awake.

night lightning woman said...

DW, I would have guessed. Sevesteen, sounds like you have a routine that works dependably for you as mine does me. Babs, of course you do. You just decide what you are going to do, then you do it. Sweet dreams!

Matt G said...

I get into the bed, put my single pillow (I used to need two, but round that one works better, and no neckaches) deep under my head so that it actually sticks out over my shoulders, and go to sleep. Usually takes about 2 minutes or less. Drives my wife nuts, but I've always had an odd schedule, so sleeping when I could get it was important.