Sunday, January 5, 2014

Just a Text of Love

I don't have a smart phone.

My phone, however, has heart.

It stores only 12-13 messages usually, but mine holds many less for circulation.

You see, I don't delete some of them. I delete none when a family member says "I  love you." I didn't delete when younger son texted, "I got a promotion." Nor did I delete when my granddaughter got her letter jacket.

That doesn't leave a lot of text space. So I am tidy.
I  delete immediately for more messages, and do so with a kiss, because these girls have been raised (reared) correctly! And I will tell them a time or place to meet, and they will  text "thank you."


They are loved, and thanked for what they do, and they give it back.

I kinda like not having a smart phone. It's cheaper, and I don't use many apps. And I like simple.

I know many of you have many saved messages, and that is good. I have these 5-6.
They say over and over, :I love you" from people I love. The text, "I've been  promoted."
On a bad day, I can thumb through and feel better.

When you have many, eh. When you have few, this is a great help.

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