Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Highs and Lows of the Corgi breed and halfbreeds

I haven't posted about my beautiful Corgi, Gracie, in some time. She is affectionate, smart, and mostly obedient. My living room again has no rug because when I am around, she and Brody don't pee on it. They know better. I let them out, at most, 6 hours apart. Usually 3.

I have found evidence they matriculated on the rug minutes after I let them out for 20 minutes.

Gracie ate a saucer-size hole in one of my newer, best shortsleeved shirts. I think I must have spilled something on it, but I'm not sure I believe it. Gracie eats dense fabric. I've thrown away two duvets she chewed. My new sheets, my new blanket, all have holes.

She is so loving, so funny, so playful. I suspect I don't give her enough stimulation, but. How do I make her stop? unknown. How do I stop the barking when someone--erase that. How do I give her a command she will follow not to bark? Or lick.? I walk around with dog slobber on my skin all the time.

Not to mention Brody, my half-Corgi with the beautiful tail. The barking and licking and following on a lead are his problems.

I have a friend with an affinity for animals, and she is learning to train dogs. Mine already love her. Today she took Gracie for her first decorum. lesson. I will practice what she teaches, then the three of us will teach Brody.

I did go back to the gym today. Brody may be 30 pounds, but half his heritage could stand his ground, turn a charging bull around, and nip its heels back to the herd. He is one STUBBORN dog. He is amazingly strong.

He still challenges me as alpha but I mostly win. He and Gracie are now friends--except on my bed, they don't clump. And except when it is 11 degrees, I don't let them.

Lord, they do damage.

Boy, are they loving family.

My dogs and me, a work in progress.


clairz said...

It wasn't until I went to make up the guest room bed for holiday visitors that I realized that every single piece of our bedding has at least one hole in it! Most were made by our beloved Bertie and they form a sort of memorial to him. Have I gone mad, thinking that way?

Ah, well, as you point out so nicely, a few chewed-up places are a small enough price to pay for so much love!

charlotte g said...

Yes. Gracie will indeed make a therapy dog. she just leans in with a happy groan. And I'm not kidding. Gracie warmed my back, Brody warmed my toes in this latest round of cold weather!