Friday, October 25, 2013

Basking in the autumn sun at marching band competition

I know a number of retirees who take life easy, shop, garden, take in a show or a party, and have a lot of time to relax.

I should say I know of such persons.

If we were formerly busy as professionals, with any outside activities, most of us are busy now.

Most of us, in fact, have to rein in our commitments to enjoy the occasional late morning snooze-in.

I'm not that busy, overall. But I had to beg off a luncheon Wednesday for a real treat.

My granddaughter's band was in regional UIL competition in a stadium just minutes away, on a beautiful fall day with full sun, temps in the 70s.
It was chilly enough I left the house wearing a sweatshirt. All would have been well if I had worn a t-shirt underneath, but I didn't, and I got very warm by the time I left. I watched four bands, including my granddaughter's, which I believed excelled musically in particular. The judges agreed, awarding the highest grade, a 1, which advances them in competition.

Some of the stepwork, the dramatic moves, were evident in several performances. Quite effective. The flag girls are so different from baton twirlers 50 years ago. The past had limited imagination.

I love pageantry, and marching bands are nothing but. Next year I will surely go again. My neighbor wants to go, as does a friend. The event costs nothing. Quite a few parents and other family members attended.

I can't remember when I just attended the show, basked in the day and just enjoyed the happy with no other goal.

I would say such times are good for the soul. The verbal rhythm is so much better than saying it aids my emotional balance.

I just smiled at everyone the rest of the day. Apparently enthusiastically, because everyone smiled back.

I have a number of friends who are startled that I go to high school concerts and other events involving my granddaughters. I am astonished at them in my turn. In the community I live in, two or three generations regularly turn up for the same events I attend. It is one of the things I like best about my home. In the breaks, I have people my own age to talk to and visit with some of the parents.

I am a bit startled. I never knew I would like this so much. Friends say the same, heading in different directions.

I have friends I never knew even sewed who have taken up quilting.

I have probably 20 women friends who are following the World Series avidly.

Others have dived into gardening. Apparently, things they always loved, like me, but didn't have time to bask in before.

Browning may have been right.
"Come along, grow old with me,
for the best is yet to be...."

We ache. Hurt. Accustom. Go on. And find the thrills.

You'll have to get here to believe it.


clairz said...

I am always surprised that we hear (used to hear?) more about people getting to retirement age and having no idea of what to do with their time, then just fading away. This wonderful expanse of time that belongs to us is amazing!

Beautiful weather this time of year in the southwest. Tricky to dress for it, though, as you mentioned.

charlotte g said...

Yes. Today it has rained, drizzled, sprinkled, stopped , stared over all day. Mostly in the 70s so short sleeves, just a little chilly depending on how wet I got. used my umbrella twice.
Every week, wonderful free exhibits, events happen, many of them free--I just have to stick to daytime now. Still aplenty.