Saturday, November 10, 2012

Plans for a minimalist holiday

It's the holidays. The grocery hasn't put the turkeys on sale yet, but the Christmas music was pouring through the loudspeakers.

I am a lousy shopper. I keep hoping to improve. Another grocery had turkeys for 59 cents a pound, so I did buy one for the food bank, because they begin distribution on Monday. For me, I'm waiting. I've never gotten one of those $3 turkeys others buy with such regularity, and I want one.

We'll see. I have no plans for it other than to eat it sometime. Turkeys are non-existent or hellishly expensive the rest of the year. Weird. This is the right time to buy hams, too. I remember wanting one for Independence Day a few years back. I couldn't find one. I ended up using re-heated deli ham, which worked well for four of us.

Gracie and Brodie are great joys as companions. But. I bought a new blanket. Gracie has eaten a huge hole Right In The Middle of it. I buy socks. If I put them in the clothes basket, she eats the toes.

I look at my home, and realize the new rug has three corners chewed on. The recliner needs to be put out. Brody's untrimmed nails did the damage there. I know where to buy a good chair to replace it....when I'm sure I'll get Brody's nails trimmed regularly enough to avoid the damage.

This year is an experiment. I don't want to see the lights. I don't want to hear the music. I want to buy minimally. I don't want to do what the rest of you do this holiday. I want to care, to love, to read, to sit outside, to laugh with friends,
I will put up my artificial tree with lights included. I bought a live wreath. I sing. I bought a poinsettia. My handcarved creche will be displayed.I have been invited elsewhere with family for Christmas.I'll stay home. I want to do simple. Be home. Sit quietly.

I have the joy in my neighborhood to be able to sit quietly. I am lucky.

I love family. It is not my reason for Christmas. We will see and love and laugh together. Christmas will be quiet.

Peace. Maybe I will sleep at times. But it will be heavenly peace.

I hope. At Christmas, don't we all?

(Apologies to Thanksgiving.)


clairz said...

Wouldn't it be nice if everyone celebrated the holidays this way? I'm going to sit quietly and think what that would be like.

charlotte g said...

Thank you, Claire. I think my season will have a lot of joy.