Monday, November 5, 2012

Better? Maybe next year.

I'm writing here, because I want a record. and although I took dummy lessons, I still cannot creat a journal file. I really want one.

Maybe next year.

Candidates always promise a lot of stuff beforehand because they don't know, exactly, how hard it will be. Obama learned this. If Romney wins, he will too.

I never wanted my son to be a football player. Neither was. I never wanted a family member to aspire to President. None have,for the present.

It's been ugly this year. I was half-serious when I asked on Facebook if I could safely smile in my Texas home, or even dance a bit, if OBAMA won. I live in a red state. Few of my friends have voted Democrat (sic) other than Republican.

You know, if executives and Congresersons agreed to act as Americans, I wouldn't feel so sick. And I am. I have voted for the least disliked before, but never with the expectation of gridlock I have now. Or greed, if the gridlock is broken.

What's that song? "I'll cry for you, Argentina"? I feel like crying now.

Whatever the vote, we're in for a rough ride.


clairz said...

I just listened to a very interesting This American Life program about the disappearance of moderates in our country and the great political divide. It's good listening on this very long day as we wait for the election returns. You can listen to the program at

charlotte g said...

so, far, can't pull it up. "This American Life " is a favorite.
Today, I heard some commentary on how this wasn't a vote about issues, while everone I know says it the biggest issue campaign they have lived through. Someone isn't in touch. I don't think its Us. And my us includes both sides. I suspect moderates weren't heard. And women. I think they still think we are shrill.