Monday, June 11, 2012

Less water, more people, more decisions

Rain barrels and personal cisterns are not a big priority in Texas. They should be. But that means change, and you know? We humans resist that a lot.

An article in the paper in the last couple of days reports the amount of water per capita in Texas is very near the 1950s drought amounts despite the recent rains. Texans who don't agree with water restrictions are drilling wells, which reduces the aquifers. The water beneath their ground is theirs, even as it may flow if not diverted to what is yours. In the meantime, population is increasing, and our man-made lakes are about 3/4 full.

Part of it is more population. People! Stay home! Texas got through the recession fairly well, but we aren't building many more reservoirs, we aren't doing much of anything. Sure. We have jobs. And we have tons of college graduates serving fast food if they can get the job. Corporate incentives, however, are bringing in more people. It's good for politics. I'm not sure it is at all good for the individual, or even business.

Last Thursday we had an historic event--a soaking rain on June 6 with high temperature of 68.

We will remember that a month from now, or even today. At 7 am, the temperature was 77. Rain in June is encouraging, however.

A new crop of grasshoppers has arrived, small yet. I understand cayenne in water sprayed on my plants will deter them, so I will try it. Like everyone else, I'm trying organic again.

I only planted peppers, tomatoes and squash, and the tomatoes are ripening. I've gotten some Anaheim peppers already, and one squash. More are growing.
Floswers are just as important. They are doing well. I am using 20% vinegar on weeds and it seems to be working. Lowes carries it here.

I'm also using cider vinegar in warm water to clean and restore my hardwood floors. It seems to work. You know, when I bought the house, I almost had the hardwood refinished. I have mixed feelings.

I would love to have the seamless, glowing, dog and human repellent floors. I do like, however, my scarred, people-have-lived-here floors. I guess it goes with likes. And I will never be on Home and Gardens network.

Which is a long way from my initial paragraph. Yep, I got my DIL rain barrels and will get one or two for myself. Meantime, I have soaker hoses.

I have a decision to make about the encroaching and lovely St. Augustine grass in the backyard. Am I willing to water it? Can I afford it?

I have to decide.

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