Sunday, June 17, 2012

Destruction Only the Few Will Know, I guess

I am finding it increasingly difficult to find info on the Gila Mountain/Lincoln County forest fire. I am really not sure why,

A friend in southern New Mexico told me several days ago the fire had already destroyed 224 homes and 56 square miles of forest. It is bigger now. It does not seem to have media attention.

I guess if you can't smell it in a big city it doesn't count.
I wish the news were easier to get, though. Even on Google, very little that I can find.

Much of the beauty of my lifetime in those forests is burning to the ground, and I cannot find out where. Or what.

So much sadness.


clairz said...

Charlotte, while this really isn't the information you are looking for, you can see photos (and a little info) from the fires:

charlotte g said...

Thank you. Knowing is always better than limbo.