Friday, May 11, 2012

Man's Best Friend Gets Short Shrift. So do cats.

Last night I saw another awful story about a dog hoarder. She had 56 dogs in terrible conditions. Her grandson, another issue, was 18 months and in the middle of the filth and half-starved dogs.

I shake my head and place it in the mental health colunn. She apparently has placed a lot of dogs in the past. Right now, people are giving up their pets in record numbers. At least they take them in. Others dump them in the countryside. That is just plain vicious.

But, hoping to help my local shelter get the Rachel Ray challenge money, I opened my Face Book to the shelter. And about half the time I want those dogs, but I have two. (I never want the cats, however sweet, which would enrage my youngest granddaughter. She wants a profession as an adult that is prosperous enough she can open a cattery.)

I keep wanting to disengage, but I can't. How could I do CPS and anguish over this? We continue to work to keep the humans alive. We euthanize the animals.And it hurts.

I just finished a ho-hum autobiography by Betty White, who has always been devoted to animals. She said, at her age, it is unfair for her to take younger dogs who will be left. But she can adopt older dogs, who otherwise wouldn't live, and they can live out their years together.

I have one-year and two-year old dogs. Both typically have 15-16 year lifespans. So I better take good care of me, or mine could be the old dogs bewildered and euthanized.

I'm not sure, but I think I should go to hell for that.

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