Friday, May 4, 2012

Less really is More

Back in the early 1990 at the University of North Texas, I was privileged to participate in an experiential  seminar on diversity.  At that time, the group leaders had success working with Catholics and Protestants in Ulster. It was a seminal experience. 100 of us from the university where I worked were there, as well as others from other institutions. We spent the day. We seminared together, ate together, broke together, spoke together. and at the end of the day, I think it changed a great many of us. And we cried together.

Very few of us deserve to be hated, at least for what we believe. I guess the difference would be if you thought it was right to denigrate or hurt another person, of whatever age for any reason. I would not agree.  I have to add attacks  of different genders, faiths, skin colors....I guess, anyone different from me doesn't deserve to be hated. Or even misunderstood. I don't deserve it either.

I keep wishing somehow we could lock up Congress and give them the same training, make them find their similarities, vote as Americans. They won't. It is so sad.

I know about conflict, and pain, and betrayal, and abuse.  I know all of that. Maybe you need to know that. Because my blog only occasionally is about this stuff.

1) It is about love you can depend on, the good feeling you get from helping someone else, the joy
of love-driven hugs.
 2) a butterfly, a new tomato, new flowers, fresh knees, something to be grateful for. An old house, an old rowboat, an old tree. Hopefully with a treehouse. Good dogs. Even good cats.
3). People you care about, wherever they are from whatever their politics, when or if they vote.

My front porch is screened, but it gets a mite hot in mid-summer. It's a might cool in January So I'm looking for a warm, toasty, computer- happy understanding.  I may change how I write, but for now, most of the time I can give you a respite, a place with another intelligent person to rest and whew! notice the surroundings.I'll try to notice the encroachments as little as I can.

Because, honestly,I have a life  that's pretty good. And I bet yours is good, or better than you thought.
If not, start thinking!

How beatific of me. How perfect. How I ignore reality. No, I don'r. I just notice what you may skip.I'm retired. I have the time.
You know, whoever you are, I could like  you or find one thing to like.  Can you even picture me with a gun,? Because that is who I am  as well. Just as well I don't have one currently.
Deliberately, I have downsized to very few possessions. I don't have to protect much.
Thaat really improves the odds we won't have to dislike each other.

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