Thursday, November 3, 2011

Planned not Proactive (very early) Thanksgiving

For the first time in many years, I am excited about Thanksgivig.

Before the holiday occurs, a debacle or two may occur, but then, that has happened when I am NOT excited about Thanksgiving. AND had plans.

What I know:
For a number of years in the past decade, I was not healthy enough to serve Thanksgiving in my home.Then I was, but was disinclined. Then I was inclined but it was hard to fit my sons' schedules. then bingo, we all did. Then, last year, both sons shared a meal wih me in my home.(I made the best dressing of my life, I think). DIL and grandchildren were with family 4 hours away, and work schedules intervened for sons.

I have a good friend whose husband died this spring, and her also loving family is iffy about holiday plans. Never unloving. Never nonenclusive,but...

She and I like to be proactive. She suggested inviting friends over for cornish game hens for Thanksgiving. After my sticker shock reaction, I suggested a turkey as cheaper. And maybe leftovers for attendees. We'll invite some friends with few family connections, or difficult ones, difficult schedules like ours, or with a cold, or whatever.too.

Nancy warns me we can end up with 3 or 20. Sad but true, Many would rather sit home alone with beer and chips to good friends and good food. Remember that. Been there. I wore out the Tshirt. It didn't taste good! Have to be thankful...Amen here.

We don't know what will happen.

And both of us are thrilled.

The thing is, we're planning our own party. Not where we will attend. Not who will attend. Just--y'all come. And we both are beaming.

If it looks like her and me, we'll rethink the cornish hens.

But I'm making my dressing.

And count on it--We will give hard prayers for our blessings this year.
We both survived. She without a long=lived loving husband. Me? I coulda died, but I didn't. I survived. It is a hard year we survived, and thereby celebratory.

Isn't that what the first Thanksgiving celebrated?

Survival. With thankfulness. Amen, folks

She and I are planning a meal early,but if you have survived a hard year, my prayers and hopes for yours. Food in your belly A safe place to stay, and hope in your heart for a better year to come. Books for you and children. God bless.

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