Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dreaming of Cool places

More humid today. Gee, must be at least 40 per cent.

Silly me. If we had more humidity, we might finally get some rain.

Physical therapy in an hour. BTW, the knee surgery was great, but the physical therapy the surgeon ordered after is making a huge difference. My right leg is definitely the stronger now. The still unfixed left knee is pretty wimpy, limiting the exercise that leg can endure.

My balance is incredibly better. I take normal, swinging steps when I walk, much as I did oh, 15 years ago.

I definitely will get the left knee done. I have hopes of being able to walk up to four miles again. THAT will jazz up my nature walks. Also with the improved balance, next time I'm at the ocean in Oregon, I'll be able to walk to the tide pools. Nice dreams, anyway.

This afternoon, we hit the $2 movies. That is the cheapest cooling experience I can find. Not bad, not bad.

I need another book with a mountain or winter setting.

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