Friday, July 8, 2011

I finally found my forever dog

I have an announcement worthy of learning how to get photos in my blog. I've planned to for a long time. It's good for my blog. It will mean I can write about more things.

But the magnificent reason is: I have a puppy. An awesome, smart-as-a-whip puppy that at 9 weeks of age, is edging into becoming a fulltime chewing machine. I am already keeping house better.(No perishables or chewables lower than two feet.) And believe me, I am putting my leather shoes on high surfaces (I don't trust her not to figure out the closet door.)

Yes, her. A nine-week old girl Welsh Corgi. She has a mostly golden coat with white muzzle, feet, and neck. The tail unfortunately was sacrificed to fashion.
She has a friendly, fun, outgoing take on life. She thinks the world is a friendly place full of good people. She's not quite so sure about really tall dogs that are fascinated by her taillessness and want to sniff her butt again and again.

She does think. She learned to play fetch and return the ball in about 10 minutes. She adores my granddaughters and vice versa. I've had her two days and nights now, and she hasn't whimpered at night. Just sprawled on the cool wood floor next to my bed, although I have already gotten her a truly magnificent dog bed which she uses to lounge in while attacking her squeaky toy rabbit.

She goes to the vet today; she's started scratching since exploring my lawn, and the fleas are very bad this year. She's too young for most treatments but the vet has some stuff.

A nearby community center has obedience classes on Tuesday evenings, and I am thinking she and I may go. One thing I've learned: her nature is so circumspect that I have only myself to blame if she doesn't behave well. Queen Elizabeth would like her.

We must have tried 100 names in two days before I decided. I thought for a while it might be a kick to have a dog named Kitty. But wiser heads prevailed.

Here is where I should have the portrait of my alert, big-eared puppy.

Her name is Gracie.

Pictures as soon as I learn how to put them in.

Since my main web teacher took off for the Pacific Northwest this morning (hmmph!) It will be a week or two.

Blogs will be a might short here and there--she's learning the concept "no", but I am trying to be as preemptive as possible and head off the nos.

More later!


clairz said...

Putting in pictures--not hard once you get walked through it. I just save the photo I want on my desktop, then it's easy for me to find when clicking on the "add a photo" icon.

I can't wait to see Gracie. I have a cat with that very name, and she lives up to it, as I'm sure your well-mannered corgi girl will.

Congratulations on finding a friend for life!

charlotte g said...

Thank you. Vet says she is very healthy. This morning I took her out, let her sniff her treat, said, "be a good girl", and like a flash, she performed and was back for the reward. We were at my son's, and she was mesmerized---she has never seen chickens. Right now they are way bigger than she is!