Monday, July 11, 2011

Growing with Gracie

I'm sooooo tired. I planned to sleep till 7 today.

New puppy Gracie, who does sleep through the night (she said proudly), nonetheless decided that 6 a.m. was a really good time to get up. You know how we devise these diabolical routines to get the kids up? Gracie figured if she started gnawing on several somethings I had to sit up or get up and take away from her, sooner or later I would get up. At 6:30, she won.

Huh. Along about 8:30, she took a little nap. I don't have time today.

For awhile, at my house, chairs are not for sitting. My two granddaughters are mostly in residence this week, and the chairs are for storing their stuff out of Gracie's way. Gracie knows she's not supposed to mess with their stuff. But as she grabbed a sock and ran merrily into the next room with me in pursuit, it's just so much FUN!

I have gotten some vet reccomended chew sticks. That is helping a bit. She can finish one in about 20 minutes, though.

This morning while I was busy in the kitchen, she started attacking a bag of dry supplies on the floor. I kept telling her no and stop, and then I realized I was calling her Cam, the last dog's name. She ignored me completely. When I finally said, "No! Stop, Gracie," she stopped, looked at me directly and then went back to the bag. So she knows her name. And I moved the bag. We both learned something.

I have a big back yard. I'm beginning to think I need to put in a doggie playground, with pipes to run through, things to jump, and maybe a strong rubber tug attached to a strong post so she can play tug of war. I won't do it, though. I WILL look into the dog park and obedience classes. She's really missing canine companions, and most of the dogs in the neighborhood have made it clear she is the puppy, they are in charge and she should just run along.

Better go make my cake. Fortunately, I don't think ear-splitting yaps when she chases her squeaky balls will make it fall.

Thank goodnessszzzzzz.....

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clairz said...

Ah, parenthood! ;)