Friday, May 6, 2011

OK-Buckle Up-Keep your own arts program going

I always thought "full of yourself" was derogatory.
Until my granddaughter was tonight. She was bubbling over, laughing, emoting charm 20 feet away without realizing it, and yes, she was full of herself.
I loved it.

It was after the concert.

Before, she gave me only a 2-hour notice, although she said she told me yesterday.
I was tired. I had had a hard day. I----went.

At the beginning of the year, my son spent a lot of time at the school arranging her schedule so that she not only got her accelerated courses but the Blue Band, which you must understand is more competitive than the White Band.

Same director for each. And what a director he is. Wow.

Can you imagine your angel volunteering to take the instrument home over the weekend and actually practicing? He got that, from bunches of kids.

My oldest granddaughter plays French horn (yes, I know it's one of the most difficult instruments, and it is beautiful to hear). At which point, my own"full of self" over my granddaughter exudes. She is good. And I will tell you so in an instant.

They played a very difficult program for UIL competition, and were rewarded with Sweepstakes when they played it very well.The music tonight was just for fun. For the parents, and grandparents, that remember Blackeyed Pea and Journey.
Oh, yeah! It was fun, and it was tuneful.

In the White Band, the director recognized 5 students for going above and beyond in practice. In my granddaughter's Blue Band, he recognized 10. My granddaughter is one of them and will receive a trophy with her name engraved on it.
The 10 rather enhances than detracts from the honor. The trophy represents hours of practice every one of them did. It's a trophy to discipline and hours and resulting performance. I hope she sees that.

Not many of us get trophies for the extra hours and work on improved ability that my granddaughter is getting in seventh grade. It's a good life lesson. The warmth of doing something she loves so much carries over to her academics. Success in one field often carries over to another. When she brings the French horn home, it isn't her cacaphony, but her practice on her part of a tune we all know that disconcerts us.

Earworms. How we hate them.

She is a second year student, first chair French horn, in a middle school band that can charm the older generation with melodic--admittedly amateurish versions--of songs we all loved.

I LOVE this school system! They even figured a way to keep most of the teachers.
Thank God, her music director is one of them.

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phlegmfatale said...

Music so enriches one's life, and like learning a foreign language, makes more elastic the capabilities of the brain to function in different situations. Plus, music is beautiful and it's such a joy to hear people creating harmonies for their own sake. Good on her, and good on all of you for encouraging her!