Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Computer and writer both going for repairs

This is my first time ever to sign in on a library computer. Live and learn.

About 10 days ago, I stupidly opened an enclosed http file from a friend. This same file hit the same person who supposedly sent it and several others. They either had Windows 7, which can eliminate the virus contained, or deleted and shut down. I opened. I haveWindows XP.

I'm going to need professional help to clean the drive. This time, I'm backing up the pictures, too.

I will try to post once or twice in the next week while this mess is getting cleaned up, but in the meantime, June 1 I am going in for a total knee replacement.
I've opted to go into rehab for about two weeks, which hopefully will accelerate my recovery to a cane by the time I get home.

I apologize for the void right when I have been trying to accelerate, but life has interfered a bit with my plans. I have high hopes both for the computer and the knee. Both are being upgraded.


clairz said...

Oh, good for you! I had a total knee replacement a couple of years ago. It went so well, I went back in the same year to get the other one done. It was literally life-changing, almost life-saving. The difference in the quality of my life has been amazing, and I go walking or bike riding every day.

Best of luck! Keep us posted, when you can. And sorry about the computer, but excited about the knee.

Deb from WhatsInMyAttic said...

You will be so glad you had your knee a few weeks! My daughter had two knee replacements before she was thirty, and it has been totally life changing for her. She has many health issues, but really, if you aren't able to be mobile, your quality of life suffers so. Good for you, on the knee AND the virus repair! :0)

JPG said...

We were glad to see you in good spirits and on the road to post-op recovery.

Please hang in there and be dilligent with the rehab. It pays MAJOR dividends.
JPG & Holly

clairz said...

Yes, I second that comment about the rehab. They will ask you to do things that will make you want to smack them. But you will be thankful ever after!

Keep smiling.

phlegmfatale said...

You must do your exercise and do your pain Meds, and I'm sure you'll flourish with the new knee. Take care of yourself! Oh, and FarmMom was here this weekend and said the surgery has been nothing short of miraculous for here

Linda in New Mexico said...

I hope your knee surgery has gone well and that the rehab helped the process to getting up and at them went well too.
I like clairz had a knee replacement 4 years ago and I am so glad that I did. Be well, The Olde Bagg

Matt G said...


Mom's knee is doing GREAT! She's way ahead of schedule, and should be on a cane this week. Pretty impressive considering the orthopedic surgeon told me that it was one of the hardest surgeries that he's ever had to do, and it was just about the worst knee that he's ever seen. He said she should have come in ten years ago.

Mom's response? "Yep, and artificial knees have come a long way in the last 10 years."

Stay tuned, folks; we're about to get my mom up and running with a new, better computer. Your well wishes mean a lot.

--Your faithful blogger's son.

clairz said...

Matt, how kind of you to give us an update--thank you for being such a good son. Please send along greetings and good wishes!