Saturday, February 5, 2011

Someday, grasshopper, this will end

Blech. The light dusting of snow predicted for Friday turned into several inches of the stuff.
Surrounding areas sent another 49 snowplows. I've never SEEN a snowplow in D-FW.

Stir-crazy folk, thinking snow would be easier to drive on--it is--ventured out, only to quickly meet the thick ice beneath. Cars performed like a motorized session of Dancing With the Stars.
The overnight snow was thick enough to cover streets, curbs, medians--impossible to tell where the road was. Businesses desperate to get back on schedule insisted a lot of their employees come in, and a fair number actually made it.

Director of the Denton airport got a guy with a jet engine to blast chunks of ice rapidly off the runways. We have Super Bowl patrons, coming in, dammit. And so the can-do people made it possible. Clearing the runways in this peripheral metroplex airports means a place for corporate private jets and prop planes to land.

Ice chunks were reported in the Trinity River. Never seen THAT before, either.

We are tired of this. We have more "winter precip" coming in Tuesday or Wednesday.

I am really impressed with the truckers who have brought the groceries and goods in. Yes, they get paid. For that much aggravation? I don't think so. They know they are depended on. And they deliver.

Seems like as many freight trains have gone by as usual, at the usual speeds. How does that work? Ice and snow have hit the rails, too. But the trains keep moving.

It has been interesting. I've seen a lot of individuals being kind to one another this week. I was one of the recipients. Seems I was a little overconfident about my ability to handle a skid. When I got stuck, an older woman, her daughter, and son-in-law got out and pushed me the necessary inches to reach traction. I felt so helpless, and so grateful. People really do stuff like that, all the time.

I didn't venture out yesterday. Today--I'll see.

It's already 29--highest temp in six days. (sob) We may even break freezing.

One thing I know--there was money to be made this week in the Metroplex. We just didn't think so much of it would be going to the auto body shops.

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