Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Make Room Under the Bridges-Legislature is in Session

The weather is gorgeous. Kids were out of school yesterday and wearing shorts. Last Thursday, morning temperature was 7 degrees. This morning, the low was 56.

When I went into my exercise place yesterday, I counted 15 people. Usually there are 3-6. Rest of the week will be the same. I will get out and start gardening some. Take some aggression out on iris rhizomes.

There is a lot of aggression to vent. And exercise, the smell of honest dirt and real plants will help. I write this blog as a discipline in a way. I try not to whine or point out the ugly or mean unless deeply moved, not just entertained. I do that because I can easily be negative. And when I am positive, my day not only is happier, but I get more done. I try to pay attention, though, and that's why I need to go outside and dig.

Texas undoubtedly is going to lay off a lot of teachers. How many remains to be seen. Classrooms will be larger. College tuitions are going up. The state has floated a balloon that would close 113 nursing homes that take Medicaid, by refusing to pay. Where are these people supposed to go? Will we eliminate CHIPS? The sickening thing is, this debacle is due in large part to the way previous legislators have handled the money. Other states are facing the same. Some more than others.

Lately it has been driven home to me that as we huddle under our various umbrellas with others of our shared viewpoints, it is awfully easy to dislike those with different beliefs. And sometimes I do. When the truth is so absolutely crystal clear to me, how can a friend or acquaintance have a belief that is so patently, obviously wrong? What universe are they in? Idio---oops. I just broke my own rule.

Don't they see? Well, yes, but something different than I'm looking at. Sometimes they haven't seen my picture. Sometimes I haven't seen what they are seeing, either. Too often, though, I think too many are "members of the club" who give their fellow members a free pass without looking too closely. They've been to too many pep rallies.

If I go outside and dig, I can be my ownself. I can get something done and improve my mood. I won't snap at little children or argue with some of those idio--oops--I still call friends. Or at least good citizens most of the time. I can think of something positive I can do about this. Because that's enough. I've got to do something. Something positive.

I can give thanks for a beautiful day I've wasted in fuming. And dig in.

Hmm. I won't even take my cell phone.

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