Monday, January 24, 2011

Gettin' Ready for the Super (Texas) Bowl

Super Bowl primping is going on everywhere in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

Did you know the NFL has some fund to pay for planting trees to make cities more beautiful? Why, that's right nice. Heard today some 6,500 trees have been planted hereabouts by school and garden volunteers getting ready for The Big Day.

Traffic has been disturbed a bit lately by maintenance crews planting flowers in the medians.

The sister of a friend of mine was surprised when city maintenance crews came through her neighborhood last week and mowed and trimmed every last lawn on the block. She lives a mile from Cowboy Stadium, you see. In a year where the state budget shortfall indubitably is going to impact county and city costs, the City of Arlington simply has reorganized its schedules of operation to tidy up the city as much as possible for tourist scrutiny.

So has every other city remotely involved around here. Believe me, folks, we aren't usually this neat and clean. Of course, shortly after a kazillion or so visitors hit the 'Plex, it probably will look a little...disheveled?

Will the cell tower coverage be sufficient for the phones? The cell phone companies say so.
D-FW is getting ready to throw the biggest party ever held in these parts. Like any hosts, we want the visitors to have what they want when they want it to the best of our ability. No shortages. Enough amenities.

And Lord help us, this week is beautiful. Feb. 6 could be anything from 70 degrees on down to the 20s with sleet and freezing rain.

I'm not going to any parties. I'm not making any money off this. My cell phone may not work sometimes, but the traffic probably won't be too bad. In my whole family, I'm the only one who might actually watch part of the game, but probably I'll just go shop. It's a great time for it.

Do you know, Jerry Jones is selling $200 tickets to people--in groups of four, or $800--so they can stand in the parking lot outside the stadium and watch the game on some big tvs? Watching the hucksters score definitely is part of the event. Dadgum. The price of those parking lot tickets would pay for some primo dental work I need. Or the attic insulation. Or, more fun, tickets to the Pacific Northwest again.

We've never had the Super Bowl before. It will be interesting to see what happens.
But a lot of the people in every city where it's held simply go on about their daily business and skip the gridiron entirely. Just as well.

Someone has to tend to bidness.


Miss Becky said...

It sounds like it's as crazy down there as it is here in Wisconsin. Super Bowl fever is reaching a pitch, and it's still 2 weeks away. I didn't think the Packers would make it, but by golly, there they are. It's great for our local economy, but whenever I see yet another cake the color and shape of a wedge of cheese I get a bit sick to my stomach. But hey...Go Packers!

Sandy ~~~ said...

Hi there...I'm a newbie reading your blog. Nice to meet you! Clairz sent me over when she talked about a book you recommended on elder issues. The book is on it's way from Amazon.

I know what you mean about shopping on SB Sunday. It's a great time to just drive up and down the highways and not have to worry about congestion. We had a playoff game here a few weeks ago in Seattle and it was pretty quiet.

charlotte g said...

Sandy--Miss Becky, I appreciated your comments. I recently saw a list of my subjects and realized I ammost never repeat a topic. Tactically, that's an error, but I just write about the scene I see, and it keeps changing. Sandy, hope the book is useful. I thought it was really an important one.

Miss Becky, I was at a baby shower through 3/4 of the game. One of the hostesses is a Packers' fan from Wisconsin, and she was just dying. Hope she got to see the last hour, as I did when I got home.With nothing invested, I was hoping the Bears would tie it up and we would have Overtime. An exciting game!

Matt G said...