Monday, January 17, 2011

Enjoying a Dollop of Cold in my Winter

It snowed last Sunday, and THEN the next day we got a Canadian cold front. Didn't get above freezing for three days. Result: snow on the ground till Friday. Five days!

In the Southwest, that's pretty amazing. Streets were pretty clear, though. It was a great excuse to make soups and hearty food, like my stuffed cabbage rolls that I hadn't made in awhile. My old recipe didn't show up on any of the many internet recipes I looked at, so I relied on memory, and they came out great. Youngest granddaughter turned out to be a whiz at filling and rolling the leaves.

"You said it was like making a burrito," she told me. "And I've seen Daddy make those a LOT!"

Still, next time I think I will fix it the lazy way, with chopped cabbage added in with the tomato sauce after the meat is browned and rice added.

A puzzlement: when it is nice and warm inside, why am I so much more hungry in cold weather? It's a fact, however. Just as in summer, when the house is nice and cool, I am less hungry. I think I am simply happy such a season occurs in my year.

The snow looked really pretty. Only a few inches, but with the continued cold and no wind, the trees remained limned with white for several days, and the bushes wore their pretty snow hats.

Temps are going up into the 50s now, with clouds and fog. This, too, in unusual weather.

Oh well, the Fort Worth Exposition and Livestock Show started this weekend. There's a reason they call this time of year "stock show weather." Nevertheless, hearty Texas teens will ride the ferris wheel and other rides bundled up in coats, jeans and cowboy boots. Stock ranging from exotic chickens and flop-eared rabbits to llamas, cows and horses and more will be on display for the next couple of weeks. There's the drafty matinee and evening rodeos, and the many, many fried foods, with a little barbecue thrown in.

More snow flurries possible later in the week.

Think I'll make another pot of soup.

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