Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Wonder of a Snowy Day

All day I have been sitting near my computer, mostly staring out the window.

A winter storm with maybe 1-3 inches of snow was predicted, snow to start around 3 a.m. today. I awoke about 3:45 a.m., and in curiosity glanced outside. Nothing. Cold and sere, No snow. I awoke three hours later to find at least 2 inches of snow and a steady fall. I've been watching every since. I even left in mid-morning to go to the store--can't run out of diet Dr. Pepper--and played in the snow a little. Wiped about 4 inches off my car to drive. I was gone about half an hour, and when I returned, my footsteps were filled with nearly another inch of wet snow. The guy who picks up our trash on his golf cart was grounded in too much snow. He was stuck. In at least 25 years, we haven't had such snow. He eventually dug out. His muddy spot where the vehicle had foundered is totally level with the rest of the pristine snow as of now.

The snow continues to fall. And fall. I never in my memory remember seeing snow fall, vigorously and energetically, all day. With more to come. Call me easily enchanted, but it is exciting, and beautiful. My amazement and fascination is a reality check to parts of the country whose people are used to snow, but not the current 70-plus inches. They are having to endure long-time

In mid-North Texas, the snow has been falling all day with almost no wind, temperatures around 30-33 degrees. So there is melting and slush. Tomorrow morning, temps are predicted to be in the mid-20s, and lethal. We will have ice on the roads, and little equipment to alleviate it. I will not go out at all tomorrow before noon. I can drive on ice. I am less willing as I age to walk on it without salt, kitty litter, or some way of clearing the walks. But today I loved listening to the sqee-runch, sque-runch of walking in it. Of breathing the clean snow-air--nothing like it.

I've thrown out birdseed under the trees where the snow may not cover it, or the birds will find it as the snow melts. Predictions were for a high of 50 tomorrow earlier in the week, but with all the snow, highs in the 30s are predicted. More cold, but no moisture, on Sunday.

Okay, factual. I have never seen a White Christmas, which I would have if I had stayed for Christmas this year, but I went to Austin. It was the first white Christmas since 1927 in the North Texas Metroplex. When we got back, there was still enough snow for the grandkids to play in.

I keep looking out the window. The snow keeps falling. I still wonder. And exult.
Bless you all, I drove in this stuff for years. Now I don't have to. As long as it is not more than a day, I can stand the isolation. And blessed North Texas Metroplex, it won't be much more than that.

See why people move here?

Summer is coming. It will be hot. And we have had so much rain, gardeners don't know if they will get their onions, potatoes and spinach out in time.

Future crises. Today, I have watched the snow fall all day on a beautifully white landscape. It has been beautiful. Amazing.

Memorable. How old do we get before memorable is not important? I don't think I want to get that old.

It is still snowing.

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