Wednesday, June 24, 2009

No Sex-but a really good tomato

Oh, my.


Yesterday, I bought some summer sausage for the first time in years.

I brought it home and sliced a piece. I had on the counter a single Porter (cherry) tomato picked ripe off my DIL's plant a week ago. It was red then. It had been, I guess, ripening further the last week. I put the slice of summer sausage on a Wheatsworth cracker (no substitute: it is my absolute favorite), popped the perfecly ripe tomato in my mouth, and bit down on the summer sausage and cracker.
And my taste buds screamed, "Alleluia!!!"

Nothing I can remember ever tasted that good.

So I chewed slowly and savored.

I know there have been other really good things to eat. I can remember a number of them. Just not right now, with this intensity.

Sometimes, really good music does it for me. Or ballet. Music: I love classical, but the last music I felt real exhileration for was the original recording of "Classical Gas" and Manheim Steamrollers'"Joy to the World" (both, play at extreme volume.) Or almost always, voices of those I love.

Smell? A whole store full of star lillies. or a New Mexico desert after the rain. or any mountain full of balsam, pine and fir. Today, I smelled wet earth and green after a surprise shower on a really hot day. The earth smelled so good.

Best sight? too many to say. I remember daffodils, and understand Wordsworth, though daffodils last only a couple of weeks. I remember fervently a patch of clover with drops of dew on it in the sun. I remember the spring when wildflowers bloomed and bloomed and bloomed for weeks, and I said, "So this is what it is like to be rich."

Other intense joys: Seeing a family member or close friend get a fiercely happy outcome.

I remember the touch and my response to a lover I really cared for.

And then there's contentment. Which could fill a book.

I'm having a good interlude in life. Maybe as much because of my attitude about what is going on around me.

I am fated to have some really gnarly future stuff, simply because life is not static. No life is problem free. Neither is life free of joy unless I am a complete ass. Life is good. Yeah.

I stand in the sunlight and beam it back. Belly laugh. Huge, ear-splittng grin. Because oh, that tomato and the sausage and the cracker....

Life is good.


Ambulance Driver said...

I love it when you post stuff like this.

charlotte g said...

Funny. I just checked my site after reading YOU. I'm glad you liked it, because it reflects a life I really love right now.

J.R.Shirley said...

And it was good.

Zdogk9 said...

Wild strawberries

charlotte g said...

zdogk9, one summer when my family was traveling in Canada, we saw many people picking something on the sides of the road. Curious, we stopped and found quantities of small wild strawberries. So we, too, picked some, and ate them on the spot. Yeah. They were incredible. Ambience wasn't bad, either.