Monday, June 8, 2009

3D AND emotional depth in one movie

Took the granddaughters to see UP last Friday. I had missed the reviews, only knew it was age appropriate and something we would enjoy.

The night before, my son said his best friend, also late 30s, had seen it and reported he cried three times. Huh? I thought. A cartoon? Well, I decided, I wouldn't cry in a cartoon movie.

And then we went. I have some extenuating circumstances I could mention, but that also would give away part of the movie. And sure enough, I fought sobs about 10 minutes in. Didn't sob. But I couldn't describe the scene afterwards without tearing up. It is a good movie. Multigenerational. Not many of those around. The kids really enjoyed it. The adults laughed in different places than the kids, and sometimes in the same places. Wow.

We got the 3D glasses, which did me no good since I have mono, not binnocular, vision. We turned the glasses back in. The kids enjoyed the 3D, but weren't that impressed, and since I couldn't see it, I wonder if our next movie --and a bunch more are coming--may be just regular 2D.

The parts that were really sad weren't so much for kids. It was a good story, and a fine afternoon.

Have to repeat one part. The old man is walking along with the Cub Scout, who is, naturally, talking,talking,talking. Ever spent time with a 6 or 7-year-old? Finally, the old man says, "Let's play a game." The kid says, "Oh, yes, I love games."
The old man says, "Let's see how long we can go until one of us talks."

The kid says, "Oh, the Silence game! I know that game! My mother loves it!"

That's an approximation of the dialogue, but it seemed like every adult in the audience laughed. Definitely including me.

Afterwards, my newly 7 grandaughter asked me, "Grandma, why did you laugh when he said that?"

And I laughed again.

I hope I gave her a good answer, but I don't remember.

We had a good day. Less memorable for them than for me, probably. The movie was part of it, but it was only a part. The rest of it was laughing, and loving, and being together.

For those of you with grandkids, I give a thumbs up. And I am glad I have them, so I had an immediate excuse to go.

Now need to go see "Star Trek" alone. Sigh. I don't mind eating alone, but I like movies with someone else, which probably explains somewhat my low TV usage. But I will go. Just not this week.

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J.R.Shirley said...

Well, I saw ST while visiting my family in Mobile. Enjoyable once, just not at logical, even when it could have been. This always offends me, but I guess I'm easily offendable.