Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Wealth of Family

This was a busy weekend for Matt G. and family. They closed on the house and moved. I took care of the kids parttime Friday and all day Saturday. I had a wonderful time. The girls had fun, too. We went for pizza, over to the park to play (I sat at a picnic table in the cool shade of the trees, while they played in the full sun on the playground. Temp in the 80s, unbelievable for July in Texas.)

We stopped for bottled water and went to the movies--their second time to see "Ratatouilie" and my first. Note to parents who haven't been yet--it's the best cartoon I've seen in several years, fun for adults AND kids, and the Pixar cartoon before the cartoon is not to be missed, I laughed out loud all the way through. Then I took the kids home, stopping off for fast food for all. Had them away for about 12 hours, and their parents had done miraculous things with the time.

The kids were happy and relaxed. So was I. And parents were exhausted but pleased with progress. I understand "Transformers" also will be a decent movie for them, but Saturday I wasn't sure. They are so much fun, these girls. They are smart, and sweet, and their parents have done a great job. I just enjoy all the time with them, as do their other grandparents. My own children had one grandparent who died early. These girls have five grandparents. An aunt and uncles. Cousins they see from time to time. Not unusual, but very different from my own experience.

A wealth of family really is wealth, a richness in family that has no substitute. Isn't it nice, when the next generation does so well? Oh, yeh, great earnings would also be nice for them. But I look at my sons, and I think, "I didn't screw up too bad." The universe is enriched by my progeny.

It really is.


Babs RN said...

Don't you just love being a proud mom? I look at my own two, yet to go out into the world but not far from it and I am amazed at and by them. I wonder what will come their way but I know that they will be wonderful, wonderful people. They already are.

Good on ya!

HollyB said...

Don't forget their Uncles and Aunts? Son and D adore those girls. The last time I was in Palestine, Son still had the picture our younger Grand colored for him stuck up on his fridge.
ABG seems to be pretty fond of them, too judging by the questions she asks.

Babs RN said...

I awarded you the Blogger Reflective Award, Milady.

night lightning woman said...

Babs, yes, I agree so much. Oh, and yur relective comment gave me goose bumps. Thank you so much.
Holly, you are so right. They have such a wealth of family, I miscounted. And I still remember our youngest grand's favorite present last Christmas was from Tall Son, who really has such a wonderful sweet spot for these children. While we're celebrating our progeny, your two are stellar. Good job on you, too!Let's do our happy dance.