Saturday, July 7, 2007

A public thank you

My computer is acting funny again. I don't know what to do about it except wait it out. For about two weeks, I couldn't post comments at all. Then I became able to again. This afternoon, the pictures have all disappeared in the blogs. Babs' and Crystal's sites are totally red, with no pictures. And no comments tag either. Just the e-mail envelope. Outside Blogland, everything seems fine.

I most desperately need to comment on Babs' music contribution of July 6 on Living Single in the Bible Belt, and my son showed me how to highlight this, made me practice, and now I can't remember. If someone kindly will, please pass on: Thank you for an immeasurable gift. It is a gift of great value and price, a treasure. Each piece of music you picked is one that resonates. As usual when I hear"Ave Maria",my cup overflows and I cried through most of it. So beautiful.

You Tube. One more thing I have to learn to use and access.

A friend had invited me to a Bach chamber music concert tomorrow, and I had to decline because of my walking disability. I wasn't having a big pity party, bu certainly a little one. And then this posting, a serendipitous gift I could enjoy just sitting here in my shorts and t-shirt. Thanks for the joy, Babs, from the bottom of my heart.


Babs RN said...

I am truly humbled. I also firmly believe in the healing power of music and I'm so glad that the post came at a time that it was needed for you. I think that's the beauty of blogging to begin with though - that sometimes something we have to say or share strikes a nerve with someone else somewhere else in the world and we all find that we are not so alone in it.

I've lurked here but not commented. You seem like a great lady to sit on a back porch and have coffee with and and discuss the world over the course of an afternoon.

Youtube is a wonderful resource. Just go to and type anything that suits you into the search bar (using quotation marks around specific phrases helps filter out results better, just as it does in a google search). The results will come up and just click on them and enjoy :)

Babs RN said...

Oops! I got one too many "W"s in the web address. Let me try again:

night lightning woman said...

Thank you so much. Lurk all you want. I'm honored you do.
BTW have you named your ferret? Houdini seems appropriate.

Matt G said...

Here: I'll even make it clickable: YouTube

"You seem like a great lady to sit on a back porch and have coffee with and and discuss the world over the course of an afternoon."

Heh. Sez you-- she won't drink coffee. But she does take hot Earl Grey with milk.

night lightning woman said...

And sun tea over ice, and my beloved Diet Dr. Pepper. Her sentiment is much appreciated. Not gonna quibble over the beverage, you lout.

Babs RN said...

Shoot, I don't drink coffee either. But it seemed like a nice picture. Diet Dr. Pepper is also my beverage of choice :)

His name is Rocky. It's official, since that's what's on the Vet records now. Though I did consider Houdini.