Monday, June 9, 2014

I'm Feeling the Power (no wiring needed)

Many thanks for the shopping guides to my solar powered spoon/sun tea jar.

Amazon is moderately pleased, as well.  Price is actually a little lower than I thought it would be nowadays.

Which led, kinda, to something else. It made me think about buying something  else.

A friend told me on Friday about an estate sale with lots of chairs nearby. Ever since Brodie's raptor claws slashed my naugahide recliner well over a year ago, I've been promising myself a spruced up living room. That quilt over the chair is a bit tatty.

I got to the sale early Saturday afternoon, and this family was serious about clearing the house. Everything was 1/2 price from Friday's sale prices.

I went inside, and only two chairs were left there, waiting for just me to come and take them home: two tall wingbacks with a cream on cream brocade material  and light brown legs, slightly higher, very firm, seat cushions, looking brandnew.  Spotted as fast as I could park my car and walk in the house. (I know folks who would be disappointed not to browse over the other chairs, but not me.)
Well!  Did I take them? Yes. $54 apiece, y'all. They had been in my mind for a year, and here they were. We stuffed one in the trunk and I drove home, found my lovely but very strong granddaughters available to carry the first into the house, go with me to pick up the second, and carry it in as well.

 I know how I'm going to do the room.  And I need a couple lamps.

The room has only two outlets, neither anywhere near where I want lamps, so I haven't had them.

But wait a power jumped in my mins to wireless, which jumped to a Uverse tv commercial. So they have cordless tvs,  why not lamps? and I went back to Amazon, and sure enough, the rest of you have been buying these, too. Aha! Lithium battery-powered lamps with daylight LED lights will look really, really good. Amazon has some I like. I will check actual physical stores as well.

By summer's end  the living room is going to look pretty darn good. Since I have no crafts or sewing ability, the fact I can refurbish for $200 or $300 is only a testament to my cunning and imagination. Not to mention my luck. 

I will sit in one of my new chairs, sipping my stirred, not shaken, sun tea,  and life  will be good.

They are absolutely wonderful chairs.

I wonder what else Amazon has I don't know anyone sells?

Don't think I'm going to go there.   Um. At least not yet.

But thanks for the shopping guide.

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clairz said...

I love my wingback chair. I thought it was beyond help (also looking tatty with a quilt thrown over it) and sent it to the dump with Bill. He had it reupholstered for me and I was thrilled to get my old friend back. Enjoy your chairs!

And wireless lamps? You're a genius!