Thursday, May 23, 2013

I will say nothing, and love you with my eyes

With all this internet access, sometimes people are more eager than they should be to show everything. I mean, Everything. Clear up to what great-uncle Edward did with the upstairs maid 75 years ago.

In many cultures, older persons are accorded wisdom. Sometimes, even among Anglos.

As one of those older persons now, I smile, and show my dentured teeth.

What old people know, and young people don't get, is that wisdom is not what you say.

Wisdom is how I listen to you.

Wisdom is not dumping the info I already have on the recipient.

Wisdom is not triangulating the information, and if you don't know what that is, you probably are doing it. It's when your mother tells your Aunt Doris what a failure you are and Aunt Doris tries to get you to speak more respectably to your mother. And you try to get your boy friend to tell your mother it isn't true.

I am not often wise, but sometimes I am. I listen. I keep my mouth shut. I used to give advice. Now I just listen, try to give a little love, and let life happen.

I think I have stumbled on the definition.

Wisdom is loving, trying to understand and sometimes succeeding, and saying nothing. With a loving smile.

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