Saturday, March 16, 2013

Crimes We can't Localize

I am on the family phone plan. My DIL was justifiably ticked when she had an overcharge on my phone number of $140. Turns out my phone number was used one evening to make three overseas calls when I was probably asleep.

How? I don't loan my phone to anyone. It always is in my possession. At writer's club today, a former engineer says thieves have way to steal numbers from my phone in my purse, much as the readers in gas stations. He tells me some protection supposedly is from the rubber/plastic guard around the phone.

I don't care if it really works. At least it will keep batteries in place if I drop it.
I'll get one. I figure I must have been careless somewhere, but can't remember where it would be.

I HAVE started getting scam mail on my cell phone, like the Point Bank thing. I just delete.

A friend--yes, she is, just blunt--says I am a techno scam magnet.

Yes, I guess I am. But.

They have caused me trouble and aggravation. So far, they have gotten not one red cent.

Now they are bothering my family. That's not good.

Okay. We have 2nd amendment rights. How about a privacy amendment? I'll have to think about it, but Americans should have it. You folks spilling it all on FB, go ahead.I just hide that crap.

I should be able to use the internet without telling you my favorite color and my social security number.Frankly, this is just emotional. If someone rips off somebody for their life savings on the internet, we need laws that at the least will put them int prison for oh, 30 years.

Let's get those laws.

Or, given my emotional climate today, let me identify and shoot the person. This is inegregible.

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