Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Be an American--Volunteer

The flags along the two main streets in our town look festive flapping and rippling in the breeze. My own flag hangs as it does every day in my front yard.

A sign says "remember the troops." And I thought, that is really a non-sequiter. Yes, we should. No, they aren't related to Sept. 11, 2001. We didn't go into war over that event, not really.

Sometimes I have wondered if part of the motivation for Iraq was the great need to roll out the (gun) barrels and pummel someone, anyone, for what had been done to us. I never wanted that war. But we had it, and I sent books, and hard candies and lip balm, hot sauce and taco seasoning, handi-wipes and kleenex. Christmas cards. So many were and are so young.

We have used these men and women hard, sending them back again and again and again.
We have had a few thousand deaths, but many more coming back without an eye, arms or legs,impaired hearing, with brain injuries and depression.

We have not done nearly enough for these soldiers, these warriors.

Remember the troops. Yes, we should. This is a good day to recommit to one of the best parts of America--reaching out a hand, being good neighbors to soldiers who will come back and look for work. Or will need more help than they are getting to be able to work. They have families and children.

They are not moochers.

This day will reasonate most through the decades of New Yorkers who were there, who lived through it in a way the rest of us could only see on television.

Let us make sure we do enough for those who risked their lives. This is a good day to promise to take care of one another. Better than before. The strength of that is greater each year. Woundedwarrior events. Habitat for Humanity. So many other means to take care of our soldiers, our veterans.

I am willing to look back, for a moment. Then I want to look forward to the future.

That's where the possibilities are.

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