Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I actually put on a sweater this morning to go outside--temp in the 50s.

Wonderful, even if the state is burning up, which it is. (More than 1,000 homes so far, this round.)

Gracie was glad to see me yesterday, and also glad to see my oldest son, who has done most of the feeding for the past week. As usual, she has set me an example for not whimpering, whining or sulking, and making the best of it. Honestly,I have thought, "What would Gracie do?" several times recently.

I have been in the hospital, an out-of-the-blue, couldn't have planned it situation.
Met some nice people, had some really good food, and am home. Have to spend some regular time with doctors for awhile. Fortunately, the docs are very smart, and also pretty funny.

Low potassium. No precursors. A doctor hired by the hospital to solve medical mysteries like mine seems to have done it. Fascinating work--I'd like to talk to him some more. Anyway, looking back, knowing how jumbled my brain was, I'm surprised I wrote any coherant blogs. With any luck I'll improve with a more fully functional brain.

My recovery depends pretty much on taking a dose of sodium bicarb, or baking soda, every day for the rest of my life. Not expensive, or much of an impact on life otherwise.

We always brood a bit over the close calls, and this was one. I suspect not too many years ago, I might have died. Nowadays, I didn't even qualify for acute care.

I think they let me out because I had started walking the halls to get some strength back. I only know that staff had my discharge papers ready 30 minutes after the doc signed off, and I don't THINK I had been that irritating.

I had felt so bad so long, my house really needs a good scrub. And I don't LIKE housework, yet I'm looking forward to this.

Maybe I'm still a little sicker than I think I am!


clairz said...

Good grief. I've been away on vacation and just came to this post. I am so sorry you had a scare. Could you tell me a little bit about the baking soda?

charlotte g said...

I am studying up on it myself. The condition is rare, just not rare rare.
The rheumatoid arthritis apparently goaded a renal tube in the kidney to over-produce. In so doing, it released bigger molecules like potassium, causing the shortage. When sodium bicarbonate is balanced in the kidneys, this doesn't happen. Meanwhile, regular kidney function continues undisturbed. So now my potassium (4.6 yesterday), magnesium and sodiam bicarbonate are stable. I am well. But I have to keep taking the baking soda, and for a while further, some potassium. I suspect that will end soon.(Baking soda will continue) IVe got a web site my doctor hooked me up to and will learn more. General websites, however, don't have the info for renal tubular acidosis. And only a few that do include my history. More when I understand more. Meantime, I'm strong and healthy.
Gracie and I start obedience classes next week.