Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Little Heat Comes Into The Mix

I know I live in a very large state, bigger than most foreign countries, bigger than the other states (no sneer), just big.
As of last night, more than 1.4 million acres have burned, 1 million estimated since April 1. The fires are all over. The big one at Possom Kingdom Lake mesmerizes the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Over 150 homes destroyed, many busineses, at least 3 churches. The state park is 90 per cent destroyed. Fires are 70 miles away. They think--THINK!--they won't reach the metroplex. That is this fire. There are many others.
How big is this state? We have now burned much more than than the land-span of Rhode Island. Most of Texas survives.
How scared am I? Not much. Not for me or mine.
Last night, I got a call from a friend that her daughter had tentative evacuation orders. The daughter is near Weatherford, where fires are close. My friend here has a one-bedroom cottage. I have two bedrooms, one with a trundle, and a large backyard,significant because they would be bringing three children, three dogs, four goats, four hens and 14 chicks.
So far, they haven't had to come. The daughter went to work today and took the kids in case evacuation orders ensued. My friend and I have smoothed out emergency procedures.
This is one family, which puts faces for me on the others.
Losing everything. Well, in the US, we have insurance, and some don't have that, but. I haven't heard that anybody starves. Often, we can rebuild.
Possom Kingdom Lake State Park won't recover for years. Neither will many of the victims.
I grieve. Of course I grieve. and I worry. And I marvel.
How fortunate we are.


clairz said...

You are all on my mind. This stuff is very scary. I'm awfully glad your friend has you to provide a place for her family and animals, if need be.

And I pray for rain.

charlotte g said...

Thanks, Clair. This week we got some hail here at the same time the fires were raging. I froze a few of the 2-inch hailstones for fun. Burning yesterday was up to 1.8 million acres and growing. Feds are here now, a relief for volunteer firemen who have been on it for a week or more. Two volunteer firemen have died so far. At least 400 homes statewide are gone. Last Friday, wind gusts were 50-60 mph. Hasn't been that bad since. The whole state is in drought. I think of Georgia a couple years ago. Nancy's daughter has told us not to stand down yet, but so far, so good. They have gotten a little moisture. It has helped.