Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Japan Teaches Us All a Lesson

I keep hearing the Japanese are resilient.

Heck, yes,they are. They are the only country to survive two atomic bombs and the aftermath, and then build nuclear reactors. And I admire that, hugely. They have built carefully.

This is not a judgement call. Or a finger, or an agenda. Because I have none beyond my grief that this has happened.

The quake, the tsunami, could not be planned. The country planned, but never for this. Never for this. It is way-beyond imagining. And it happened.

Humans keep thinking we are in charge, and we build, and we proliferate, and then we learn we are NOT in charge, however many fail-safes we institute. Then we get scared.

I sit in the middle of a state prone to turnados, lightning.thunder, floods and fires. NO place on earth is safe.

No place has ever been.

I pray for the people of Japan, their relatives and friends in other places.
I know many have been lost. I hope many more will be reunited.

I don't have to hope US citizens will come forth--whatever we can do, we do. And it keeps us strong.

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