Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A good day, unread, is still a good day

Frankly, there are quite a few influential, some even famous, people I know or have known--and past tense is probably the kicker--in my life.

I live quietly and obscurely now, and that's okay.

But my sitemaster tells me I am barely read, and that hurts. I write well. I know that for a fact.But apparently I don't care about or notice the things the rest of the world is interested in. Darn. Too many old duffers don't blog.

In my personal life, things are well. Had two grandkids and their best friends most of the day today. For me, it doesn't get better. I'm not stellar in their lives either, but being part of the bedrock--that feels good.

And at the end of the day, I sent all four home to my son and his wife to shelter for the night while I relaxed, wrote this, and went to bed early.



Ambulance Driver said...

You are indeed read, and enjoyed by me, at least.

I just read through an RSS feed reader, so it may not actually show up as a hit on your Sitemeter.

charlotte g said...

thanks. Someday I hope to have a ftf and feed you, copiously, whatever I'm fixin' that day, and it will be from scratch. And send home cookies. I really needed that.

Lyn in NEPA said...

I also read via a RSS feed, and very much enjoy your postings. Just catching up on my feeds after 3 days of a visit from daughter and son-in-law. Visits are nice, but it's also nice to be able to send them home so I can relax the way I want...