Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Requiem for Robert B. Parker

Heard on the news that Robert B. Parker died today. Heard it was unexpected, that he was found sprawled over his computer. Made me smile. He was 77. The man had a lot of juice left for his age.... This man gave me hours and hours of enterainment. I shamefacedly admit my first reaction was self-centered--I had hoped for a number more books.

Told my younger son, just 30, a while ago. He liked the Spencers, but was really getting into Jessie Stone. He decided he would call his dad. As extended family, we put some dollars and a lot of time into this author.

I always heard a good party is one that ends befoe the guests have had enough. Maybe that goes for a good life, too. A ton of us weren't ready for Robert Parker to be over. I bet he wasn't either. Doesn't get much better. I'll lift a toast to that.


clairz said...

Well said, Charlotte. We'll all miss him!

JPG said...

I'm glad you informed Younger Son when you did. He phoned me shortly after he spoke with you. Otherwise, I probably wouldn't have learned of RBP's passing for several days. We had a lengthy chat about Parker and his panoply of characters.

Only a night or two before, Holly and I had re-watched the tv movie "Stone Cold." Paradise Police Chief Jesse Stone (Tom Selleck) interacted with MSP Captain Healey and Boston lawyer Rita Fiore, characters we'd first met in the Spenser books.

I'll surely miss Parker's works. Of late, I've been very fond of his western novels. Looks as if there'll only be the three of those.