Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I cried. It surprised me. I actually cried when Barak Obama was declared president. It was momentous. In was history that I never expected to see in my lifetime, and no, his color wasn't why I voted for him.

I didn't cry out of sadness. Not at all. It was more than joy or happiness. It was overwhelm-ness, if that is a word. And never mind that it isn't.

He isn't a wise gamble, perhaps. But.

I believe in what he says. At least more than McCain. And he is young enough to have the strength, stamina and energy to do some of it. I gamble that he can't do it all. I voted betting that.

I held off deciding until 10 days before the election. I tried so hard to be objective. But I didn't agree with Bush, though I prayed for him. McCain really did seem a lot more of the same. And I did agree with quite a bit of Obama. I hated to vote just because I believed. But eventually, I succumbed. I voted my heart. And when he won, I cried. I've never done that in an election before.

Thank God I know a few folks who voted Blue. The rest of the population here walks around grimly like their favorite dog just died. So I try to bank my cheerfulness. Don't want to rub it in. I know all too well how they feel. Been in their shoes in so many, many other elections.

This country must be united, as usual, with the loyal opposition, which I have been for many years. (sigh) As a resident of Texas, so far as my community is concerned, I still am.


Matt G said...

"I believe in what he says. At least more than McCain."

On the basis of what?

His two year voting record?
The fact that he's a church-going man?
The fine mentors that he's chosen and refuses to disavow?
The fact that he's promised to do things which Article 2 of the U.S. Constitution* does not entitle him to do?

* Read it-- it's really short!

Anonymous said...

Your web is great!! I learned something about WOW here!!!!

J.R.Shirley said...

Well, it was going to be momentous, either way. I truthfully didn't like either one much, though I had high hopes for Palin. I hope things turn out much better than I fear they will.