Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Little Plate Works

Please read the comments on "A Canadian Describes His Health Care System." This is a flawed e-mail I posted, and the comments include two lengthy comments from Canadian residents. Very informative.

My Little Plate diet is going well. I've lost another five pounds, which puts my weight lower than it has been in 15 years. Sigh. When I weighed then what I weigh now, I was two dress sizes smaller because I worked out and walked a lot then. But I can exercise now only very gently and can't walk any distance at all. My knees are very happy, however. And Little Plates keep my food costs pretty low.

I suspect this diet will work even if your preference is starches and fried meats. Fortunately, I really groove on broccoli,squash and brussel sprouts, not to mention salads, carrots and asparagas. But I do eat bread, and desserts, and garlic mashed potatoes. Just not very much of them. My rule is: if it fits on a salad plate, no stacking, I can eat it. And the longer I do this, the less I find myself wanting french fries or fried chicken. My doctor told me several years ago I shouldn't eat a helping of meat larger than the palm of my hand. Currently I couldn't eat more than that if I had to. Generally, smaller.

As fried foods go, Mexican food is my downfall. Again, I can't eat large quantities, so that helps. Recently, I ate a bean chalupa with lettuce and tomatoes, and on another day got a crispy(corn tortilla) chicken taco which came with chips and queso, most of which I threw away. Just learned about a new restaurant that serves a slice of pizza and side salad. Need I mention these meals cost under $3 apiece?

The thing is, I don't ever feel deprived. I can eat anything. Just not very much of it. And that's okay. I don't know how this would work if I were more physically active. Maybe I would enlarge the helpings to a luncheon plate.

Still, Little Plate is working. And I am really glad.

When I started, I had 4-5 plates a day. As my stomach became accustomed to the smaller meals, I reduced the number of plates.

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