Sunday, September 30, 2007

More Evidence of Fractures

"Yes, I know Canada does a good job. That doesn't mean I think our much larger, more populous country with all its pharmaceutical companies, profitable health insurance companies and lobbyists can do the same." (my last blog)

Ambulance Driver commented, "A great many Canadian doctors and healthcare providers would disagree with that statement. In Canada, those that can afford it cross the border south and get their medical care in the US. This is an increasingly common phenomenon.

There's no question that our healthcare system is broken, just like our legal system.

But as someone much smarter than me has said in the past,

"It's the most flawed, inefficient system in the world today...except for everyone else's."

This was AD's answer to my blog on national health care and I was both pleased to get it and saddened. We've all been told national health care is just great elsewhere, so we should have it.

Never did go for this logic. I guess we citizens assume if pharmaceuticals are cheaper in Canada, their medicine care must be better, too. Also specious logic.
But we always want a bargain, don't we? I believed the PR about Canadian health care. I appreciate the correction.

So Bush is vetoing the CHIPS bill the Democrats have proposed. Yesterday, the Democrats pitted the words of a 12-year-old boy against the President's comments. Brilliant, in a way. Also egregious. It is as cynical a political move, as uncaring of children, as anything I have ever seen to use this boy in national politic manuevering. Great fodder for next fall. Thanks, kid. Have a good life, y'hear?

I don't want to imagine how low politics can go. Everytime I do, someone goes lower.
And again, we can vote the rascals out. But who in the world do we vote IN?

AD said our medical and legal systems are broken. I agree. How broken in the political system?

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