Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Cat Came Back

and what are some of the nefarious verses of that old song? See previous entry. Yes, it's still raining, and last night I found (sigh) new pawprints. Not too muddy so not too, too visible. Which cat? No idea. If there really is a cat street gang on my street, maybe walking all over my car has become one of the 'hood's initiation practices.

I heard that cats hate the smell of citrus, so I was thinking about spraying the car with citrus room spray, but someone said it might hurt the metallic red paint job. Guess I can check the dealership. I have this picture of my hanging bobbing lemons link fringe all the way around the car. Would that work? It would probably smell pretty good in high summer--wouldn't it?

I don't want to kill the darned cats. Beyond being someone's pets and this being the middle of a city, for me it's just not a killing offense. A sigh over, cuss under my breath over, but not killing or even throwing things at the cats which would probably miss and shatter a window.

I just want the cats to leave me alone. Of course they won't. I learned a long time ago I don't make a trainable pet for cats at all, but most of them find me mildly amusing and worth tolerating. Well, Fluffy, the feeling is mutual. If you will JUST.STAY.OFF.MY.DAMN.CAR.

Any solutions short of moving to a house with a garage or buying a (snarl) canvas car cover will be appreciated.


Ambulance Driver said...

Go top the local feed store and buy an electrical fence charger. Hook it to your car.

Tie a red ribbon around your wrist to remind yourself to disconnect the darned thing before YOU touch the door handle. ;)

DW said...

That might work if the cat touches the car and the ground at the same time. I would like to see kitty catch a spark right to the end of the nose.

And if you forget once, and get a touch of juice, you won't forget again.

night lightning woman said...

I appreciate the kind thoughts, both of you. I was kinda hoping for something a little less---electrical? But desperation can lead to tough measures.

Matt G said...


Mark said...

Many years ago, I owned a beautiful red 1986 Saab 900 hatchback, with a louver over the rear hatch where the local feline population loved to lay as the louver was easier to lay on and evidently retained and return heat better. However after having to wash and wax my car after having it detailed becasue of the feline paw prints that started at the front bumper and went up the hoood to the roof into a circle around the whole roof and then finally to the louver, I had had quite enough. I tried waxes, I tied a small noise maker to the antenna I tried almost anything I could think of. Until I found a wonderful car polish/protectant Renew Polish. I polished my car, it got rid of all the oxidation of my cars paint, the avian aerial bombardments would literally wash off with just a spray of water, and mr feline evidently had NO traction. After doing the car I admit to peeking out the window to see when he would get on the car in order to chase him off, however after using Renew on it, I saw him jump on the bumper, and hop to the hod where he proceeded to slide of the slope of the hood to the bumper and thence to the ground. he jumped back up gain and quickly found himself back on the ground. I Cackled, err chuckled, err uhmmm, alright I was LMAO as he kept sliding off the car to the ground, he tried to get to his preferred spot on the louver from the rear, sllliiiiiiddddeee THUMP! the front, THUMP!, the sides THUMP!, he climbed the pine tree 10 feet away and jumped to the roof THUMP! I watched him for 45 minutes trying to get to the rear louver on my car. For the next week it was the bright part of my day to see him try time and again to get to the louver of my car and fail. But finaly I came out one morning to get the paper and there he was on the louver soaking up the sun and flipping his tail at me nonchalantly. I chased him away and loked at my car no footprints anywhere, no scuffs, scratches or anything else. I went innside and ate breakfast keeping an eye out the window. Mr. feline was climbing the tree and instead of jumping over to the car he would climb out a branch which overhung my shed which he would drop onto, then it was a simple drop directly to the louver of the car without touching the dreaded polish/protectant. Bt you might look into it.


night lightning woman said...

Mark, pardon my rudeness. didn't see your entry till just now. Wonderful story! would make a great blog. but you do more serious stuff. I guess I need to check my comments more often. I generally quit after 2=3 days. I'm still a novice. Thanks for the input.