Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Karma Sharma, This is not either a Dumb Machine. It is irrational and magical and I always knew it. Ha!

Doctor! doctor! we just had a pulse! can it be? here's an old, failed, post to try....

"For some reason, I haven't been able to post to my blog, but my incredibly helpful son can. (Gosh, he's a great guy. I'm lucky to have him as my son. Smart as a whip, and always there for his mother. And so handsome. Modest, too. He would NEVER admit how talented he was, but that's what a mother's for, I guess.)

We're trying to figure out just what the problem is...

--N.L.W.'s staff,

Gee, who wrote this? Not me-e-e.

Holly's Histrionics recently published an account of the family going target shooting together. In the last couple of weeks, I've bonded with my sons over trouble-shooting. On MY computer, of course.

This was the week I was going to step up my writing to atleast three-four a week, then tried for 21/2 days to post, only to have each and every one print the title and subjects, but no text. Finally, the incredibly smart, handsome, humble son seems to have fixed it. I tremble as I wait to see if this posts.(Later. It didn't. But ever cautious, I copied this first.)

Last week my other incredibly smart, handsome son undertook to fix the lack of an address box on my internet toolbar. He hauled up a search engine and began to instruct me step by step what to do. Unfortunately, I didn't always understand the instructions with my primitive computer skills and non-linear logic. Took about 11/2 hours. At one point, he roared, "You should not even be allowed to OWN a computer!"

He slammed the phone. Two minutes later, he politely called back, apologized and went on patiently instructing till we succeeded. Whew. Exhausting. Now if I can only remember why this is such an advantage to have and how to use it.

Both sons are bemused that I manage to do anything on the computer with my primitive skills. Kind of like observing a driver with a couple of driving lessons miraculously not getting crunched in rush hour freeway traffic.

I'm thinking of taping a sticky note above the screen that reads, "I am not dumb."
This is true, but so long as I continue to attempt to utilize and/or widen my computer skills, rampaging ego will not be a problem.

It really is a good thing I do have two handsome, intelligent sons who are willing to help their mama. I am a fortunate woman:).


JPG said...

i THINK I can speak for all your fambly, friends, associates, and 'net acquaintences when I say: Whatever means you used to get back on line, whichever of your incedible, etc., sons helped you, we are grateful to see you back.

NOW v- - How 'bout some of those saved-up instalments<


Sevesteen said...

Have your family tech support look up how to use Netmeeting--On each of your computers, click "Start", click "Run" then enter "conf" (without the quotes) and click "ok". One of you click "help", then "about..." and read the IP address at the bottom of the window that comes up to the other person. The other one types those numbers into the address bar of Netmeeting and hits enter. First one will get an "accept call" or similar window, click yes. Whoever needs the help should then click "Tools" "sharing" "desktop" "Allow control" and "automatically accept requests for control".

If all goes well, the person who's trying to do long-distance help will get a window showing what's on your computer, and if he double-clicks on that window will be able to control it.

The first time you've run Netmeeting, it will ask a bunch of questions, just click yes or OK to each of them. It won't do that the next time.