Wednesday, March 28, 2007

can't post, can't make comments. I think this is against my first amendment rights.


Ambulance Driver said...

Well NLW, at least you can post titles!

If worse comes to worst, you can put the entire post in the title and we'll all read it in bold type. ;)

DW said...

I don't think the Ancestors had allergies, because they lived in the outdoors and built the anit bodies or died.

We advanced types isolate ourselves from everything and never build an immunity to much of anything.

I grew up in the mountains and lived in the outdoors. I don't suffer, the love of my life disolves into a puddle of snot for weeks. It's cute snot, and I love her anyway.

phlegmfatale said...

Hey there! I got your messages, and I'm not posting them publicly. I'll call you tomorrow. :)

Yeah, we'll get j. shirley hooked up with glasses and other goodies.

Cheers, babe!